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A legacy of volunteers, mentors and role models


Many of our volunteers are our former program participants – they are Hawaii’s physicians, lawyers, business leaders, teachers, performing artists, media personalities and entrepreneurs. These individuals inspire our young women.  As we grow DYW of Hawai'i, we seek to increase these opportunities with more formal leadership development programs.  We believe that within our volunteer base and our professional connections in the community, that Distinguished Young Women is poised to become the premier leadership experience for high school girls in Hawaii. Distinguished Young Women is a completely volunteer organization that depends on the support of our community in order to thrive.  

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Corlis Chang | President

Natalie Young Albanese

Rowena Blaisdell

Marsha Bolson

Amy Caliboso

Cecily Ching

Duane Chun | Treasurer

Lani Kaaa

Christian Kitamura

The Honorable Judge Marie Milks

Sarah Morihara

Lois Shimabukuro

Audra Stevenson

Ligaya Stice

Lynn Uehara

DYWH Volunteers:

Xiao Yi Wang-Beckvall | Show Host

Kim Takata Endo | Fitness Choreographer

Josette Huang | Social Media

Tisha Lehfeldt | Show Host

Ellie Ochiai | DYW of Hawaii 2022

Ashley McKenzie | Production Chair

Chelsea Robinson | Production Chair

Key Supporters:

Carlito Caliboso
Rodney Chang
Denise Fleming
Eddy Fong

Greg Grauman
Sandra Kim
Derrick Lee

Kent and Sarah Morihara

Jolene Muneno
Dean and Rene Ochiai
Pua and Heather Rochlen
Lei Rowan

Misha Roytman
Sara Sato
Lucas Sayin

Scott Schroeder, Ph.D.
Glenn Sexton

Nan Chul Shin

Kiana Shiroma

Alan Tang

Dr. Lawrence Tseu

Garret and Lynn Uehara

Betty White

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