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2022 Distinguished Young Women of Hawai`i

2021 DYW Hawaii Awards

2021 DYW Hawaii: Cosette Wu
First Runner-Up: Sophia Stark
Second Runner-Up: Ellie Sampson
Third Runner-Up: Jiana Abela-Nakashima
Top Scholar: Cosette Wu
Scholarship Runner-Up: Alyse Glaser
Interview Awards: Cosette Wu, Sophia Stark
Talent Awards: Cosette Wu, Isabella Gismundo-Hook
Self Expression Awards: Ellie Sampson,
Jiana Abela Nakashima
Fitness Awards: Jiana Abela Nakashima,
Sophia Stark
Be Your Best Self Essay Award: Sophia Stark

Cosette Wu

Sophia Stark

Ellie Sampson

Isabella Gismundo-Hook

Alyse Glaser

Jiana Abela Nakashima

State Finalists:

Dayanee Faust

Ke'ala'iliahi Ford

Nisha Nimoa'i

Michelle Pham

Tracee Nguyen

Therese Marie Velez

Christa Lopez

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